So How DOES BJ Penn really feel right now?

24 06 2007

Well nobody knows actually. His website crashed following a surge of traffic tonight resulting from his MMA victory over Jens Pulver. In his interview after the fight all he would say was

“If you want to know what B.J. Penn feels like, check out,”

Within ten minutes his webserver went into meltdown mode no doubt due to the millions of hits it was receiving. BJ needs to keep his server gerbils in much better shape before making another comment like that.

B.J. (The Prodigy) Penn applied a lethal chokehold that forced Jens (Lil Evil) Pulver into submission Saturday night in the main event of The Ultimate Fighter 5 finale.

Penn (12-4-1) mounted Pulver midway through the second round and began working jabs to the head. Pulver tried to free himself but Penn angled himself just enough to apply a dangerous choke that pushed Pulver (21-7-1) into the tapout.

“How can you not respect someone like that?” said Pulver about BJ Penn after the fight. “I gave him everything I had. He didn’t go for the easy submission, he tried to beat the hell out of me and I respect him more and more every minute.”

BJ Penn didn’t comment after the bout, only referring viewers to his website a stated above.

The rival coaches, who star on the “The Ultimate Fighter” reality TV show, were meeting for the first time since UFC 35 in January 2002 when Pulver, an underdog despite holding the 155-pound title, took a majority decision over Penn.




3 responses

27 06 2007

I WOULDNT HAVE SAID ANYTHING ING HIM GET THE WINNERS AIRTIME AND SPILLING THE BEANS jens got his buttt kicked good and bj is the best MMA fighter ever although his site crashed right away i still havent found out what he wanted to say….peace and tapout! rules

30 06 2007
Ronnie Bryant sr.

thank for kicking his ass

30 06 2007

Pulver gave penn the chokehold.pulver still made penn look bad and penn ain,t happy ,about how the show ended. show is all it was and penn still doesn,t look as good a pulver because of the so called friendship after the fight.pulver gave penn the fight and penn knows it. the remark after the fight from penn says it all. hes more pissed than ever.

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